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Business Alliances

EBS is an expert in building successful alliances that provide “win-win-win” situations— both partnering companies benefit, and so do your customers.

Will a joint venture or strategic alliance help you develop and market a new product or service more rapidly or profitably?  Will co- or cross-marketing expand your product reach? Will a sales alliance more effectively increase your sales force, and sales?

EBS helps you find and formalize all of these business relationships as well as other strategic alliances.

There are many kinds of business alliances, but they are all based on the belief that each of the parties involved will be more successful as part of the alliance.  All companies have their own expertise.  A successful strategic alliance enables each partner to leverage this expertise with the strengths of their partner…leading to greater profitability for both.

With an EBS-built alliance, you can:

  • Concentrate on your areas of expertise
  • Leverage your expertise with the expertise of your partners
  • Learn new competencies from your  partners
  • Expand the reach of your existing sales and marketing efforts
  • Reduce the overall costs of running your business
  • Decrease development time, time to completion and time to market
  • Increase sales and profitability

To discuss a specific alliance interest or just to learn more—please contact us. There’s no charge for an initial conversation and assessment...and you’ll come away with some new ideas for building alliances to help grow your business.

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