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The Security Problem:

In these times of increasing risks, higher risk severity, liability and litigation, and increasing government regulation and oversight, it’s more important than ever that you provide a safe and secure business environment for your people, facilities, information and intellectual property.

In all probability your staff is already overburdened with ongoing tasks.  You may need an interim or part time Chief Security Officer or an experienced security consultant to provide additional support to effectively address these critical company issues. 

The Security Solution:

At EBS, the focus is on your issues, issues that are specific and critical to your organization, in order to help minimize your exposure to danger and loss.

EBS experts have the security knowledge and expertise coupled with business acumen to assess the threats, risks and vulnerabilities that challenge your organization.   We then provide unparalleled security planning, design and implementation services to mitigate those risks.  The result: EBS is your single point of contact for all your security needs.

EBS security consulting can be used strictly for internal purposes, or it can be expanded to fulfill any and all regulatory, contractual, insurance or other requirements. We help you reduce your security vulnerability from security planning, through risk and vulnerably assessments, to security system design and forensic consulting.

Visit key security solutions to learn more about how EBS solutions will help you address your security needs including:

  • Business-wide solutions
  • Security consulting, analyses, management, due diligence, technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), and more
  • Information technology security
  • Event and facility security
  • Personnel investigations and protection

For an immediate security need or just to learn more—please contact us. There’s no charge for an initial conversation and assessment... and you’ll come away with some new ideas for managing your business more securely. 

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